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May 10, 2021

“Whatever pain you experience can be power to create the life you want”. This quote fits the story of Luke Kayyem, a performance life coach, corporate leadership consultant and keynote speaker. He shifted his focus to specific things after having a fixed mindset for most of his life. He got into reading and starting to widen his mindset in 2017 and was influenced by author David Deida, after going to an event where he was a guest speaker.

We chat about his childhood and how being raised by a single mom impacted him. He was on a path of self-destruction when he started drinking and partying.

Luke has worked hard to change his mindset from fixed to one focused on searching and seeking. Recognizing that he was throwing so much away due to his addiction, he now aims to help other men on their own journey of life. Through his program called Fathers of the Future, Luke helps men live their legacy despite their own set of bad circumstances. You can learn more about it here

You can get in touch with Luke by going to

Books that Luke recommends: The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida and Mindset, Carol Dweck